Discovering the authentic Camargue culture & the cowboys of France

The Camargue on horseback begins where the Mediterranean mixes with the Rhône River: we are in the “ Parc régional de Camargue ”. To discover the soul of this region you have to leave the paved roads and get into the vegetation, and more specifically in a “menade” , that is a breeding of Camargue bulls , where you still work with the cattle in a traditional way; these people are called “cowboys of France” . There are about 140 of bull farms and 30 of fighting bulls. An army of cowboys works with bulls, according to them in a not very different way from our cowboys .

Follow the link now and go with us to discover the Camargue! the Camargue on horseback the Camargue on horseback [/ caption]

The Camargue on horseback

The first weekend of August is a time of celebration for the locals, and where everyone shows off their skills in the saddle and with the bulls: the hibernation takes place, which consists of herding the bulls in the arena, not to mention the Camargue races , which attract thousands of visitors every year. For every farmer, these are times to show off their livestock. Imagine the cool head of these men who face the bulls on foot to be able to take the cockade they have on their heads and then climb the staccato to escape the gored…

This is the soul of the Camargue, the bull farms and the hard work of the French cowboys

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