Here’s a list of the “good manners” that regulate the relations among “horse addicted” when they work in the stables with horses, when they are in the stable and when they observe the riders.


• Ask the instructor or users for permission before entering and exiting the stables

• Hold the right hand when crossing other riders (exactly as you do when traveling on the street!)

• Those who trot or gallop have right to use the track with respect to the walker (who must therefore leave the track)

• “Claim” the exercise: whoever does an exercise or a figure (eg a jump or a diagonal change) must notify the others in order to have the necessary space to be able to perform it

• Have special consideration for the more sensitive horses or the more timid riders, avoiding to “daringly dart” near them

• Do not make useless gossip disturbing the work of others

• And finally use common sense: if another rider is in difficulty or is about to get on the saddle, do not commit disturbing actions with your horse FOR THOSE WHO OBSERVE THE RIDERS

• Try not to scare the horses at work with sudden movements

• Do not scream, clap your hands, make “thunderous” comments that can disturb also the riders

• Do not let dogs enter the field

• Do not enter the field running : enter walking and asking for permission

• Do not rush near the stables with cars and motorbikes

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• Leave the post office, the yard, the aisle clean

• Close the saddlery, put away the key: ALWAYS!

• Do not leave cases open; do not leave harnesses, clothing and various materials scattered around: they hinder the work of others

• Sweep away the excrements of your “pike”: ALWAYS!

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