Go Horse – Top 10 celebrities in the saddle

Did you know that there are a lot of celebrities who are fond of horseback riding ?


The Big Bang Theory celebrity loves horseback riding and, during her spare time, she dabbles in the show jumping sport.


The “Assassin’s Creed” and “Batman vs Superman” celebrity has always ridden since he was a boy and now he has his own horse. In 2007, in an interview, he defined “Paddy”, his horse, as one of his greatest treasures along with his dogs.


The model and Gigi Hadid’s younger sister, has always had a great passion for horses and has also taken part in some races!


Richard Mark Hammond, nicknamed “Hamster”, is a British TV host and radio host. Known for being one of the three Top Gear, everyone in his family is fond of animals and horses. In one episode of TG he can be seen chasing Jeremy Clarkson on horseback.


Pop star Madonna: a passion that has lasted for years. When she was married to Guy Ritchie she spent a lot of time in classes with none other than William Fox-Pitt!


The legendary actor of “24” is a passionate Roper and has been featured in many magazines. He also competed at a high level. He attributed all his success to having good horses, but his talent cannot be denied!. He has also won the US Team Roping Championships twice: in short, he is a truly versatile rider!


It is hardly surprising that the “The Lord of the Rings” celebrity is quite an experienced knight. In addition to having covered the role of Aragorn and having spent numerous time riding, he also took part in the famous film “Hidalgo”, focused on the relationship between a man and his horse. After both filming he bought both horses… he loved them too much!


Tabloids went wild in 2014 when Mary-Kate took part in the Hampton Classic. Currently, despite her busy schedule, she owns some horses. Horse riding is a passion she has always had since she was in school.


The Australian actor has an intense love for horses and also runs a ranch in Nana Glen, a couple of hours outside of Sydney. He said horses are “just like people”, and we can only agree! We’ve all seen “The Gladiator”, and anyone who can actually sit on a bareback horse as easily as Russell did… should definitely be a horse lover! Discover now all our trips, tours, holidays and horse trekking. Russell had also built a stable for the film “Australia”, as he hoped to be the star in it. However, Hugh Jackman had the role. It doesn’t matter, he bought more horses to fill his stables … 


Guess what? Jamie Foxx is a huge horse lover. In the movie “Django Unchained”, Foxx rides his personal horse, Cheetah, a beautiful chestnut gelding. The horse was given to him as a birthday present in 2009, and he has been learning to ride ever since. In fact, at the time, Jamie Foxx had phoned Quentin Tarantino, director of “Django Unchained”, to tell him that he wanted the part, that he knew how to ride and that he also had his own horse!

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