Originally from the Dutch province of Friesland (from which it takes its name), the Friesian horse belongs to one of the oldest breeds in Europe, so old that it’s said to have existed for over 3000 years.

The Friesian horse was already known to the ancient Romans and, during the Middle Ages, it was used as a war horse, for its frugality and incredible resistance.

Today it is particularly appreciated in dressage, harness and equestrian shows.

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There are three lines in the breed: “baroque”, more robust, “classic”, imposing but slender, and “modern”, lighter. It is a noble and proud animal, characterized by a thick and elegant mane, often wavy. The head, sometimes slightly sheepskin, has a noble appearance and intelligent eyes. The ears are small and alert and are slightly tilted towards each other. The neckline is a little curved, not too short and carried high, while the back is sometimes a little long and ends in a not too small or sloping croup. The shoulders are long, oblique and strong. The legs and feet are sturdy, the forearms well-formed and the aplomb correct. The hairs, both those of the tail and of the mane, are thick, can be wavy or smooth and are generally carried long. The limbs are covered, starting from about the middle of the shins, by the bow.

The gaits are “raised”, elegant and elastic. The Friesian is a loyal horse, who loves work. A height of 1.60m at the withers at the age of three is considered ideal. The most appreciated coat color is the black horse without white markings, although, as for the mares, a little star is tolerated. This breed reaches maturity around six years, which is later than other horses.The 5 main features

1. The gait : as well as its appearance, the Friesian is an elegant horse also in its gait, its posture is haughty and its trot high and cadenced.

2. The coat : famous not only for its bearing, the Friesian is a horse also famous for its thick hair which, often, is wavy. The breed registers admit only Friesians with a black coat, no other color is allowed besides a possible small star of maximum 3 centimeters on the forehead.

3. Behavior : it is a lively, willing and indefatigable horse. He is undoubtedly a cheerful and always available horse. Despite being an independent breed, the Friesian is a horse that is particularly fond of its owner.

4. Breed standards : The breed standards of the Friesian are quite strict. The breed admits specimens that, at the withers, have a height between 153 and 166 cm. The weight, on the other hand, must be between 450 and 600 kg. As mentioned above, however, the coat must be exclusively black

5. Curiosity : Today the Friesian is known worldwide. It is such a famous and elegant horse that, today, it is the official breed chosen to pull the carriage of the royal family of the Netherlands.

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