Monty Roberts the man who listens to horses

Monty Roberts the man who listens to horses

Monty Roberts the man who listens to horses, as a child prodigy at the court of the Queen of England. The story of the inventor of the gentle tame

Monty Roberts is the author of the famous bestseller entitled “The man who listens to horses” . In the book, which he published in 1996, Monty Roberts explains how he learned the non-verbal language of horses by observing their behavior in the wild. It can be said that Monty Roberts was born on the saddle: already at the age of three, in fact, he was able, with extreme naturalness, to walk, to trot and to gallop. He was so good that everyone already considered him a child prodigy in this field. Still not a teenager he participated in the capture of 150 mustangs in the Nevada desert to take them to a rodeo. During this experience, however, he realized that injured or indomitable animals sadly ended their existence as dog food . The following year Monty Roberts decided to leave earlier and alone to be able to observe the horses undisturbed. In those days he understood the way horses communicate with each other using non-verbal language .

Monty Roberts called this non-verbal language Equus (horse in Latin) and used it to tame horses. Thanks to what he had learned during his observations, he managed to ensure that no horses were injured during training. In this way he saved the lives of many animals. In 1989 he had the honor of being received by Queen Elizabeth II of England at Windsor Castle. The queen called him to the palace to demonstrate his gentle taming techniques and train the staff of the royal stables. The sovereign, a well-known horse lover, appreciated Monty’s methods so much that she decided to encourage the spread of this new gentle technique throughout her kingdom by organizing a series of demonstration meetings. Thirteen years later Monty Roberts had the honor of crossing the threshold of Windsor Castle again on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee. The gentle tame, for natural horsemanship English speakers, requires the horse to spontaneously do what is asked of it. Therefore, an active collaboration is established between man and animal. Discover now all our best trips, trekking and horse riding holidays! The horse, being a herbivore, thinks like a prey and not a predator. Man will have to adapt to the perception of the horse’s environment and earn the animal’s trust to establish a relationship of trust , respect and collaboration.

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