Have you ever wondered why the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company decided to take Clydesdales horses to promote Budweiser beer? For over 80 years, the Clydesdales have been the icons of this beer: its brand dates back to the Prohibition era and has reached today and Super Bowl Sunday. ..but let’s dive into the past together … In 1933 August Anheuser Busch Sr., CEO of the Anheuser-Busch beer company, received a gift from his two sons: two six-horse carriages carrying the first post-Prohibition Budweiser beer brewed by the brewery, with the aim of celebrating the repeal of Prohibition. Anheuser-Busch decided to send a crate of Budweiser as a gift to the former Governor Alfred E. Smith, clearly drawn by the towering Clydesdales who thus made their debut. Thousands of people rejoiced at that initiative which, at that time, symbolized a new era for the American industrial spirit.

The Clydesdale breed originates from Scotland, and takes its name from the town of the same name, where it was first bred, over 300 years ago, for agricultural work. Although they may seem a little bit imposing due to their height and size, they are naturally gentle giants. In 1940 the breeding was started in the USA, and more precisely in Missouri and then trained in St Louis, for Budweiser and in 1950 a Dalmatian dog was introduced as a mascot on the wagon, a dog that preceded the carriages in the past. The selection of the horses which will be part of the team is very strict, and there are a number of requirements: a Clydesdale must be at least four years old, a minimum weight of 1,800 pounds and a height of six feet to be qualified, as well as having the appropriate appearance of four white legs, white stripe on muzzle, black mane and tail. Once in the team, an easy-to-remember name will be given to it such as Scooby and Kelso to make it easier for drivers to give them commands during a performance.

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