The most famous horse in the world: Varenne, a legend

He was a legendary horse

The mythical Varenne , a legendary horse, was born on May 19, 1995 at the Zenzalino farm in Copparo in the province of Ferrara. It is considered one of the best trotters of all time and it is the richest trotter in history because it won € 6,035,665 thanks to the races.


Varenne is the son of the American stallion Waikiki Beach and the Italian mare Ialmaz, nicknamed “The Captain”: its name comes from a street in Paris, rue de Varenne , where the Italian Embassy is located. Ridden throughout its career by the Roman driver Giampaolo Minnucci , it strongly dazzled horse racing fans and experts winning the most prestigious races on the Italian and international calendar thanks to its authoritativeness.


The debut of Varenne a legendary horse

Varenne has had a unique debut. It was still owned by the French coach and driver Jean Pierre Dubois in Bologna, on April  4, 1998 when, despite being disqualified for breaking at a gallop, he made everybody impressed for its exceptional recovery made after having to parade in line. However, he has been the first to reach the finish line. This performance made a Neapolitan horse fan and moneychanger, Enzo Giordano , to whome it had been indicated, to buy the promising horse from Dubois. The asking price was rather high despite he was a rookie ( 150 million lire ). Click on this link if you want to discover all our organized horse riding trips in Italy

The carreer

Varenne began his trotting career at the age of three. He will race with the colors of Enzo Giordano’s Scuderia Dany , who entrusts it to an equestrian center located in Tor San Lorenzo, near Rome, where it spends its entire competitive life. The “Captain” – its nickname – was a myth: like Maradona for football, Jordan for basketball, Senna for Formula 1. Its story had been romantic, thanks to the affection it managed to arouse. It was often the guest of honor – treated like a king – at horse racing and equestrian events.


In 2002 he retired at the Equicenter in Winter and Monteleone, a center of excellence in the south of Pavia. Here it is a breeder , and it still is nowadays: it has two thousand foals all over the world and a showcase that shines with trophies and cups. It is the horse that whispered to men, the strongest trotter of all time, a on all-four legend, a poster, a TV show, the opening of the news. To learn more click here

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