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Who among us has not been thrilled by the sweetness of a friendship between man and horse … or has not jumped on the sofa inciting a thoroughbred to victory … here is our selection of the most beautiful films starring our beloved horses. THE HORSE WHISPERER A great classic based on the novel by Nicholas Evans. It talks about the story of Grace MacLean, a young girl who faced the trauma of losing a limb because of a riding accident in which her friend Judith died. Grace’s mother, Annie, the famous editor of an American magazine, decides to turn to a whisperer, Tom Booker , a man known for his ability to understand and soothe the trauma of horses. Temporarily taking leave of work Annie goes on a long journey to the state of Montana, a territory of wild and majestic beauty where the man who can help Grace’s horse, Pilgrim, recover from the frightening accident that involved both of them. Tom decides to help Annie and Grace managing to restore serenity to both, who witness the healing of the beloved horse and rediscover the joy of spending time together. Meanwhile, between Annie and Tom a strong feeling of love and passion germinates which will be the cause of the latter’s extreme gesture, which will put an end to his life by being hit by the hooves of a stallion.

BLACK STALLION A 1979 film, based on the book written by Walter Farley entitled The Black Stallion. The protagonists of the story are a child named Alec and a horse named Black, who, after the sinking of the ship on which they travel, manage to land on a desert island. They will later be rescued by some fishermen and eventually Black will become a magnificent racehorse. HIDALGO A 2004 film, directed by Joe Johnston. The film talks about the story of Frank Hopkins and his mustang horse Hidalgo, which are real characters. Set in 1897, the story talks about a horse race that has been held for centuries in Arabia: the Ocean of Fire, so called because it involves traveling a distance of three thousand miles along the desert. The race is attended by thoroughbred horses and usually descendants of noble lines and owned by royal families. Hidalgo will amaze everyone by winning thanks to his strength, tenacity and confidence in his rider.

 RETURN TO SNOWY RIVER A 1989 film. Jim Craig and Jessica love each other, but her father, a wealthy landowner is against this union. Patton Junior, Jessica’s suitor goes to great lengths to put Craig in further financial trouble, stealing all his horses. He chases them at a full gallop towards the state border, after the death of his trusty horse in a rush by Patton; there is the unexpected arrival of the wild black stallion, which Craig manages to harness, setting off at a mad dash between woods and rocks. At the end of the story Craig gives freedom to the beloved stallion to whom he owes his life. SEABISCUIT A 2003 film directed by Gary Ross. The film is based on the 2001 book entitled Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand. Set in 1930s America, during the Great Depression. Howard decides to buy a horse that until then had not had a good reputation as a champion, whose name is Seabiscuit. His destiny is linked to a trainer, Smith, who trains the horse recognizing him as a potential champion, despite he’s considered short, fat and with a defect in the leg. After putting him back in order, with a balanced diet and a company in the stable (a white horse and a dog), the problem is to find him a jockey. Here comes Pollard, who during his youth toured the country doing boxing matches and making ends meet as a jockey. Seabiscuit and Pollard have the same nervous disposition and Smith, after the two meet, realizes they are made for each other. Their collaboration will ensure that Seabiscuit becomes the greatest champion of all time, winning some of the most prestigious American horse racing, including the one – called the duel of the century – against the great east coast champion War Admiral, thus earning the title. of best horse of the year 1938. SECRETARIAT The protagonist of this 2010 film, based on a true story, is Secretariat, an English thoroughbred horse that collected an astonishing series of victories in the early 1970s. We are in 1969, Penny Chenery, despite the fact that she has four children and her husband in Denver, is committed to taking over the Meadow Stables based in Virginia, a legacy of the family of origin. Against all odds the woman, with the help of coach Lucien Laurin, manages to work in a male-dominated sports sector, and in the end to train the first winner of the American Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing after 25 years from the last champion, leading Secretariat to become one of the greatest racehorses of all time.

 WAR HORSE A 2011 film directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the novel written by Michael Morpurgo. It has received six nominations for the 2012 Oscars. A story set during the Second World War, a deep bond that binds Albert, a little boy and Joey, a splendid thoroughbred, who for a series of circumstances finds himself in the cavalry under the English flag and then German. At the end of the war, Albert and Joey will finally be able to return home together, safe and sound.

 RUFFIAN A 2007 film, which talks about the short life of the American racing mare, Ruffian, born on the Claiborne farm, near Paris (Kentucky). FLICKA The film is based on Mary O’Hara’s 1941 children’s novel My Friend Flicka. Katy McLaughlin is a 16-year-old student who returns to Wyoming, where her father runs a ranch by raising horses. Katy is a stubborn girl who rebels against the traditions that her father tries to instill in her; she would like to manage the ranch but her father would prefer to entrust him to the other son. Katy finds a wild mustang that saves her from a puma and decides to call her Flicka, train her and make her a riding mare, so as to prove to her father that she is now grown up and knows how to take on the responsibilities of a mature person. So every night Katy leaves the house and comes up to Flicka’s pen trying to mount her but the mare rebels every time causing Katy only scratches and blood but one night, unexpectedly Flicka is mounted by Katy. Her father, who sells the horses for the rodeo, decides to give Flicka away and he does not say this to Katy who runs after the truck but it’s too late. Meanwhile, her brother’s girlfriend lets Katy know that Flicka is in the city rodeo and she, disguising herself, takes part in it. Katy mounts Flicka and they run away but in the return home Flicka is attacked by the puma who had already attacked her previously. Meanwhile, the family goes in search of their daughter and when they find her they take her home, leaving the mare there. Katy has a fever and her father says he wants to take Flicka down and Katy hears the shot. After a few days Katy leaves the house and there is Flicka almost remitted. Katy will take care of the ranch and her brother will go to study as he always wanted. Discover now all our trips, tours, holidays and horse trekking in the USA. DREAMER A 2005 film directed by John Gatins. The story talks about a racing mare, Soñador known as Sonia, who has an accident on the track and breaks her leg. Ben, a skilled horse trainer, will save her life by taking her home with him and helping her to heal together with her daughter Cale. To raise money and continue to take care of the mare they decide to make her have a mate, but they discover that the mare is sterile. To avoid selling Soñador as her father would like, Cale decides to have her compete in the Breeders Cup Classic , the most important racehorse competition: Soñador will triumph in an unrivaled race.  

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